Yoga Good For Combating Cancer To Addiction

We constantly hear about Yoga being excellent for health, both physical as well as mental. It is known to strengthen the body, improve balance, enhance the body’s immune system, improve flexibility and also help in relaxation and concentration of the mind.

yoga poseAnd the evidence of yoga being excellent for health is not merely anecdotal; increasingly scientific studies are able to demonstrate that yoga can help individuals in actual recovery from physical and mental ailments.

One study conducted examined the impact that yoga has on cancer survivors recovering from breast cancer.

It was seen that those women who took yoga classes in addition to the standard treatment and care they were receiving, reported that they were able to sleep better without sleep medications. The yoga was seen to boost energy levels and consequently ease the process of recovery as well.

Yoga can have a positive impact on the mind not just by aiding relaxation but also helps in controlling addictions and even food related problems such as binge eating.

One study found that women who were binge eaters and who took yoga classes became more mindful of their problems, and were better able to tackle them. They also reported improved self esteem as a consequence of their yoga lessons.