A Complete Guide to Laser Acupuncture Therapy

When the method of acupuncture is combined with laser technology, then the resultant treatment or process is known as laser acupuncture therapy. This is a kind of a therapy that uses low energy laser beams rather than the traditionally used acupuncture needles with the aim of influencing the flow of current at the points of acupuncture.

While the normal acupuncture is used for mild pains and discomfort, this method is used for treatment of painful conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis of knee, tennis elbow and even to treat chronic headaches in children. The following is some more useful information about laser acupuncture therapy.

laser acupuncture therapy

What Happens During the Process?

  • During the treatment process of laser acupuncture, a beam of light from a laser tube is aimed onto an acupuncture point creating a stimulation which is similar to the one which acupuncture needles can produce.
  • There is a red beam of light which radiates from helium and neon gases and heats up the point which needs to be stimulated.
  • Either the beam is held steadily by the acupuncturist for a time period within 2 minutes or it is kept moving a little over a range of points.
  • The duration of the beam may depend upon the degree or amount of the skin tissue which the laser must penetrate into to ease the pain or condition.

What is Laser Acupuncture used for

  • This form of acupuncture is usually used for two purposes-as a stimulation of acupuncture points or as an anesthetic effect.

Benefits of Laser Acupuncture Over Needle Acupuncture

  • The process of laser acupuncture offers many benefits over the traditional method of needle acupuncture and one of them is that it is perfect for those who may be scared of needles like children.
  • Use of laser makes this form of treatment a non invasive and aseptic procedure which not only reduces the amount of pain felt but also the recovery time.
  • It can treat the same number of conditions and complaints as needle acupuncture does.

Limitations of Laser Acupuncture

  • While it is true that this form of treatment reduces the trauma felt by patients and is a good choice for those problems where risk of cross infection is high but it is limited to certain peripherals. There are some things and issues which this form of acupuncture may not be able to cure.
  • The pressure points of the patient’s hands, feet and ears respond to laser acupuncture but the deeper abdominal points will usually not be benefited. There are also certain other parts of the body to which the laser may not be able to reach.

These days, some of the acupuncture clinics have invested in user-friendly and intelligent machines or systems which are relatively new and can be controlled remotely through the means of the internet.  In such systems, the software basically recognizes the meridian points and then monitors the laser beam for a more controlled treatment.