Acupuncture for Cold Sores

Cold sores are the term used to refer to a skin condition that is caused by the Herpes Simplex virus. There are two kinds of this virus, namely the herpes simplex type 1 and herpes simplex type 2. Of these two types, the type 1 is found to reoccur more often than type 2.

Another aspect of the disease besides the types is that these viruses can affect any body part in an individual, but most often, the body parts affected by cold sores are the lips, the face and the genitals. Acupuncture for cold sores is one of the modes of treating the condition.

acupuncture for cold soresThe facial cold sores that appear on the face are preferred to as fever blisters, facial herpes, or herpes labials. The area/ body part affected by the virus develop blisters and the region around the affected part becomes red, swollen and is sore. The sores/ cold sores are very itchy and inflamed and become very painful very quick.

Acupuncture, the traditional Chinese form of healing/ treatment can be used to cure cold sores or in the least provide relief from the irritation and pain that comes along. Here are a few tips that will help when treating cold sore with the technique of acupuncture:

  • Many believe that the psychological conditions and sources of distress can trigger many physical symptom types in human body. It is thus plausible to say that cold sores are just like the other stress caused conditions like a stiff neck or even a stomachache.
  • It is thus advised to use the techniques of acupuncture to get rid of the stress by implementation of the puncturing techniques in the stress acupoints of the body.
  • Another way to treat cold sores under the acupuncture regime is to use the hair like thin needles to relieve/ release the heat from the body. This is done by placing these needles around the areas where blisters have formed. An experienced practitioner would know just how to use the energy channels (that is, the meridians) in the face or the affected body part to make the most of acupuncture techniques.
  • A weak physical spot, or a weak immune system is also what likely causes the contraction such infections and then there recurring as well. To prevent the initial contraction or recurrence of the herpes/ cold sores one can visit the acupuncturist regularly. The periodic visits can be scheduled according to the changing weather. That is, an individual must visit the acupuncturist with the change of every season to give their body the needed boost to deal with the weather.
  • Once the herpes virus is contracted, the virus may remain hidden/ dormant in the body even when the external blisters have been cured. A compromised immune system can thus result in quick recurrence of the condition. Numerous Chinese herbs and acupuncture technique used in a combination is one of the best ways to keep immune system strong and provide faster recovery.
  • There are certain herbs included in the traditional Chinese medicine regime that are used for external washing and cleaning of the affected regions. These can lead to considerable reduction in the size of the blisters and help cure the condition fast.

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