Acupuncture for High Blood Pressure Treatment

There are various treatments, such as medications, natural remedies and alternative treatments to treat high blood pressure. Among those alternative methods, acupuncture for high blood pressure treatment is the most commonly used option.

High blood pressure or hypertension is one of the most commonly found health issues, mainly due to stressful lifestyle. Sometimes, it is also associated with aging, obesity, smoking, alcoholism and certain health conditions such as kidney disease and diabetes.

acupuncture for high blood pressureHigh blood pressure is a condition in which blood flow exerts excessive pressure against the inner arterial walls. This constant exertion of elevated pressure on the arterial walls can destroy the capillary lining thus leading to a condition called as arteriosclerosis or hardening of the arteries.

People with high blood pressure can experience problems such as headache, shortness of breath, nausea, fatigue, restlessness and blurred vision.

If the condition is uncontrollable, then it can lead to severe problems such as stroke, vision loss, heart attack, metabolic syndrome and renal failure.

This condition can be treated with various medical treatment methods. But, the medications used for high blood pressure cause side effects in the long run.

This is the reason why most of the people searching for alternative treatments. Also, there are various therapies and natural remedies such as relaxation techniques and aromatherapy to help lower the blood pressure.

Here is how acupuncture for high blood pressure treatment helps:

According to the latest studies, acupuncture can lower high blood pressure by blocking beta-acceptor of sympathetic nerve and also by stimulating adrenaline angiotensin system.

Acupuncture together with electric stimulation can also help to treat high blood pressure. When acupuncture is combined with electric stimulation, then it is referred to as electro acupuncture. Studies showed that acupuncture for high blood pressure is an effective treatment.

When electric pulses are applied at lower frequency levels through normal acupuncture needles, a substantial decrease in blood pressure is reported. Needles are linked to a system that constantly produces small electric pulses and these pulses are maintained at low frequency levels.

Acupuncture for high blood pressure treatment consists of inserting sharp, fine and thin needles into the meridians or trigger points in the forearm, legs and wrists. This process stimulates certain brain chemicals and lowers the excitatory reactions of cardiac system.

This brings about a decrease in heart’s activity and oxygen requirement, which can result in decrease in blood pressure levels to a great extent. But, the needles can be inserted maximum up to half an hour at a time.