Chinese Acupuncture – How Does It Work and How Beneficial It Is?

Thinking about how to stimulate the stiff points in your body? It’s better to go for alternative therapy, among which Chinese acupuncture best suits to stimulate the stiff points.

Chinese acupuncture is the art of inserting very thin needles just under the skin to stimulate specific points on your body.

Chinese AcupunctureIt brings wellness and relief from pain to your body. This can be accomplished by restoring the balance of qi in your body.

Qi is the life force which can be found in everything, both human and non human. From breath to blood, it flows through us, and the movement of qi right through your body is a sensation brought about by acupuncture that you will not want to miss.

When the practitioner of Chinese acupuncture removes the needles from your body you can almost feel the qi moving. The feeling you can experience is like a thread being pulled from your leg, or foot, or whatever from which the needle is being removed. It is a very soothing experience. Simply the Chinese acupuncture is the one through which the flow of qi is being restored by stimulating it using needles.

“Ying and yang” is a philosophy of Dao. You must understand this philosophy in order to understand Chinese acupuncture.

According to Chinese medicine and Chinese acupuncture Dao is the way of life. Dao supports living in moderation and striving for balance with nature. Most of the Chinese believe that moderation is the key to living a longer life, and use Chinese acupuncture to balance body and spirit to maintain health and to bring into balance ill health.

Everybody is made up of three elements.

Qi – Usually pronounced as chee, is our energy. It is helpful in establishing interconnection with everything. It can be found in your blood and heart, lungs and oxygen.

Shen – Your spirit. It is compared to ones soul in that it provides though and awareness of the self.

Jing – the essence of ourselves. It mainly helps us to grow and reproduce. Once you loose jing, by any means it cannot be replaced. According to Chinese belief, each of us is born with a finite jing. The careless life leads to the reduction of jing and Chinese acupuncture can reduce the loss by balancing the qi, or energy, by helping you to preserve jing. We die, when our jing is completely used up.

Now coming to the other elements of life ying and yang, when these two opposing forces are balanced we are at peace. You can lead an easy life by letting the things slide. When these elements are out of balance you exhibit lust, gluttony, pride, arrogance, and the other excesses of living which eat away at our jing. The feelings run amok and you will become sick.

That is why Chinese acupuncture is often used in combination with herbal therapy. Chinese acupuncture works well with yang because it comes from outside the body and goes inside, whereas herbal therapies are considered as ying therapies because they move throughout the interior of the body.

Benefits of Chinese Acupuncture:

Chinese acupuncture is primarily used to control pain. It can be beneficial for a host of other illnesses, like respiratory ailments such as asthma, cataracts, migraines, hiccups, toothache, ulcers, anxiety, chronic fatigue, and so on.

Chinese acupuncture does not work for alcoholism and addiction behaviors. By lessening cravings of all addictive behaviors and greater withdrawal from alcoholism can be helped for the liver.

If you want to consider Chinese acupuncture then it is better to consult your health care practitioner. Before going to take the therapy research well and know all about the therapy.