Ear Acupuncture Effective For Many Chronic Conditions!

Ear AcupunctureEar acupuncture, also known as auricular therapy, is widely used for many conditions.

Your ear is the main focal point for many of the important organs of your body.

Therefore any ailments in your body can be easily cured with this auricular therapy.

Most of the chronic diseases are easily treated with the ear acupuncture.

Auricular acupuncture is also used for the treatment of arthritis problem, indigestion, headache, asthma, anxiety, hearing loss, weight loss treatment, and also cures hot flashes in women.

In ear acupuncture, suitable sterilized needles are inserted into your ear at particular anatomical nodes. These needles are dipped in methylated spirits. In this therapy, your ear is initially rubbed with cotton balls which are soaked in methylated spirit.

The tenderest region in the appropriate reflex area is selected with a tooth pick and then the needle is inserted and twirled into the ear up to 2mm depth.

How can ear acupuncture work in losing weight?

Ear acupuncture is mostly selected for losing weight. This is the easiest method of losing weight. It is very effective method in correcting certain factors which can lead to overweight.

In the treatment of losing weight using ear acupuncture, a staple is inserted into your ear with the help of stapling gun.

This staple pinches the nerve which is connected to the stomach due to which you can feel your stomach is full and you don’t feel hungry very often. When you loose the desired weight, the staple is removed from your ear.

Ear acupuncture is also helpful in treating hot flashes in women

Hot flashes are the major problem in most of the women who are having hormonal treatment for breast cancer. This ear acupuncture therapy is useful for you if you are suffering from hot flashes.

For most of the women, it has been proved that ear acupuncture is very helpful in giving relief from multiple flashes and sweat.

Can ear acupuncture help you to stop smoking?

The ear acupuncture treatment mainly neutralizes the effect of nicotine and co-operates the patient towards smoking.

This treatment mainly stimulates the nicotinic receptors in the brain and reduces the physical need of smoking and many of you can develop an aversion towards smoking. How ever if some one has unwilling towards leaving the habit, then any kind of treatment is useless.

Ear acupuncture can also cure drug addiction

The same principle of smoking is applied here for reducing the addiction towards the drugs. How ever, the underlying cause of addiction cannot be cured, but addiction habit can be controlled.

When ever the patient has the desire to take drugs, he/she is advised to massage the needle inserted in the ear which in turn stimulates the endorphins in the brain. By repeating this process, gradually the addiction towards drugs will be lost.

Therefore, ear acupuncture has many benefits and many chronic diseases are easily treated with this acupuncture.