Insomnia? Try Acupuncture

The National Center on Sleep Disorders Research informs us that as many as 70 million Americans have sleep disorders. Another staggering statistic is that in the year 2006, some $3.6 billion was the amount spent on prescription sleep medication such as Ambien and Lunesta (we are not even including the usual Advil and Tylenol which are available over the counter here).

If you, like a number of others prefer not to load your system with drugs and are concerned about the addictive nature of these drugs, then it is likely that you seek alternative therapy for your sleeplessness or insomnia. One that has shown itself to be effective is acupuncture.

acupunctureAcupuncture is being seen as the most effective and popular complementary/alternative therapy among Americans.

It is seen to impact insomnia positively since it can calm the nervous system.

Acupuncture assists insomniacs by correcting imbalances that lead to sleep problems and that too without side effects!

Not only insomnia, acupuncture is also seen to treat high blood pressure and reduce stress. For all the insomniacs out there, acupuncture from an experienced and skilled technician may be well worth a try; after all there is nothing to lose but a sleepless night or two!