Say Goodbye To Stressed Muscles With Back Pain Acupuncture

Back pain is a condition which usually comes from muscles, bones or spine problems. The kind of pain the most people suffer from is the lower back pain. It is next to common colds in the list of common diseases, the latter being the first in the list.

Due to this fact, people have been finding ways on how to treat this problem. Back pain acupuncture is one proven way to relieve back pains.

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese practice of easing pain and even curing diseases. In all sorts of acupuncture not just back pain acupuncture, the treatment of the body is done by treating the whole body.  

With the use of needles, this highly debated way of medication eases the pain. Back pain acupuncture is same with the others, uses needles in easing back pains.

The odd thing about this process is the needles are placed far from the area which is painful. For example, the needles are placed in the feet when the pain really is in the back.

Just like other acupuncture treatments, back pain acupuncture works best with widely known techniques on treating the condition.

Pain killers are most likely to be recommended to people with back pains, this time pain killers plus back pain acupuncture promotes longer relief to back pains. Back pain acupuncture may be partnered with exercise sessions.

In other studies and researches, a large percentage of people who underwent back pain acupuncture felt well compared to those who just followed the clinical processes of healing back pain.

The process of back pain acupuncture

A certified acupuncturist first massages the patient and would solicit feedback on which part is aching. Then once they know the exact part, the needle pricking process starts.

The needles are strategically placed in different parts of the body. This is to allow the proper flow of energy into the body. Some people might be scared of taking back pain acupuncture because of the needles.

Pictures show that large needles are sticking everywhere of the person’s body. But this process really is painless. You will not feel pain with all those needles sticking in your forehead or stomach.

Normally, patients are asked to shed off their garments when back pain acupuncture is being administered. This is because the acupuncturist needs to view the whole spine when doing the back pain acupuncture. You are not forced to do this but it could be administered better if you do.

Is it effective?

Back pain acupuncture like all of the other treatments that uses acupuncture is very controversial. A study was conducted to prove if it really works.

A significant sample size was taken and they underwent different treatments for back pains. After a year, these subjects of the study were asked how they were doing.

Almost 40% of those who were treated with the normal treatment said they felt better and 60% of those who were treated with real back pain acupuncture said the same way.

But the confusing part is the people being administered with fake acupuncture using toothpicks instead of needles said they felt better as well.