A comprehensive Guide to Alternative Remedies

Those looking for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, would likely value a book such as 500 of the Most Important Health Tips You’ll Ever Need by Hazel Courtney which offers over 500 health tips, alternative remedies for over 250 conditions.

alternative remediesCourtney, an award winning author has helped educate the public as regards the benefits of supplements and diets writing on issues relating not only to health but also to spirituality.

This lucid and well laid out book offers remedies for ailments ranging from depression to low libido, heart disease to cancer. There are explanations for what exactly a disease is, explained in simple terms.

There is information about foods to avoid and consume, and other hints and helpful solutions.

This revised 2011 edition of the book includes conditions such as adrenal exhaustion, angina, arthritis, cramps, cancer, atherosclerosis, liver problems, lupus and low blood sugar among others.

This book is a good resource for those looking to avoid pharmaceutical solutions and to improving overall health, wellbeing by using natural treatments.

The alternative remedies offered are little known natural cures, information on the kind of nutrients that help with a particular condition, supplements, and answers to symptoms which may even fox your doctor.