Art Therapy – A Wonderful Way Of Relieving Mental Tensions

Art TherapyArt therapy is a form of expressive therapy (therapy which is used to understand and express your feeling).

The materials which are included by art therapy are paints, chalk and clay.

The art therapy can be classified into three heads and these are as follows:

Art therapy:

Art therapy is used to define principles that rule the visual arts of psychotherapy.

Art therapies are very important when you have over work, more mental tensions, severe learning difficulties and mental health problems. By this art therapy, you can feel problem free.

Purpose of art therapy:

Art therapy is used to maintain mental health and emotional well being. Art therapy uses drawing, sculpture, photography and visual art of expression. Art therapies are interested by most of the people and these are maintained as the hobbies by so many people.

Applications of art therapy:

Art therapies have found a tremendous feeling of healing and personal transformation.

If you have children and are sometimes unable to express feeling in words, art therapy can be helpful.

Creative therapy:

It is a therapy which refers to expressive and creative group of techniques in nature. Creative therapy supports art therapy, sand play, clay, movement therapy, psychodrama, role play and music therapy.

Creative therapy is used to explore fears of cancer, HIV and other medical issues. This therapy is also used for self expression and personal growth. This therapy is used when talk therapy is ineffective.

If your feeling is in sub conscious and if you are unable to express using language, then you can prefer creative therapy for expressing this type of feeling.

Movement and music therapies are often used in relaxing session. These therapies include dance with music which interprets thoughts into expression. Teenagers mostly like this therapy to relax them selves from mental tension, over learning and personal problems.

You can use play therapy for your children. Play therapy makes your children feel joy.

Expressive therapy:

Expressive therapy is also called as creative arts therapy because it uses creative arts as therapy. The main purpose of this therapy is mainly used as final aesthetic product.

Expression therapy works under many forms of creative expressions (the equivalent therapies which have many creative expressions are dance therapy, music therapy, drama therapy, play therapy and writing therapy) humans can heal.

Applications of expression therapy:

Expression therapy is used by the people who are dumb and deaf. If you are either dumb or deaf, you can use expression therapy to express your feeling. You can express your feeling by dancing and writing.

The above therapies are very helpful in giving relief from stress and mental tensions. Art therapy plays a vital role in treating people.