Colloidal Gold – What Is It And Can It Really Work?

It may be that you have, at some point come across the term Colloidal Gold in connection with health and wellness, being projected as a solution for the soul or similar, even for as an alternative for pharmaceuticals to counter a variety of illnesses and conditions.

Colloidal gold is also known as nanogold and is actually minute gold particles suspended in a liquid formulation.

colloidal goldSince ancient times it is not just the lure of the precious metal gold that has fascinated people but has also riveted academicians for other reasons; viz., the possible health benefits of actually ingesting gold particles.

In Vedic chemistry for instance, there have long been potions concocted by the practitioners of ancient medicines that contained gold and silver particles.

Colloidal gold and its application in health care has been the subject matter of study and speculation for a while now. In a study conducted upon rats, colloidal gold was seen to be helpful in relieving rheumatoid arthritis.

In another study conducted upon canines, it was seen that when gold beads were implanted near a hip joint that was arthritic, pain was seen to be reduced.

Yet another study also sought to demonstrate the reduction of beta-amyloid fibrils and plaque that are seen in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, when colloidal gold was used in conjunction with microwave radiation. Even for detecting cancerous tumors, colloidal has been seen to be of some use.

So clearly there is reason to think that colloidal gold has potential when used as a therapeutic tool. There are a number of formulations available, that that offer colloidal silver, colloidal gold, zinc and copper as non toxic alternatives to main stream medicine to treat disease as well as accelerate healing.

The claim is that these potions and formulations can supply the nutrients that are missing in our diet and not only reduce aches and pains but also relieve stress, help in managing arthritis, and even certain heart ailments.

Not only that, a flagging libido and sleeplessness could also be helped, and IQ could be increased using these formulations.

The assertion of the manufactures is that colloidal formulations have not only a positive physical impact; they also mean a clearer and more alert mind.

For many the claims made by manufacturers may seem fantastical, but the fact remains that the positive physical impact of gold has fascinated mankind since the discovery of this precious metal and certain benefits have been observed from time to time.