Combat the Chronic Illnesses with Music Therapy

Studies showed that music has profound effect on your body and psyche. Music affects your body and mind in various powerful ways. Different types of music affect your neurological system differently.

Music when used along with guided imagery produces altered states of consciousness, which again help to reveal your hidden emotional reactions and stimulate your innovative insights.

Music Therapy For Chronic Illnesses

According to Chinese medicine, the meridian system and five internal organs have corresponding musical tones, which again help to encourage your healing. Music therapy when applied to children encourages the development of language and reading skills.

Here are some of the effects of music:

Mood enhancement

Music therapy improves the mood in tumor patients and autologous stem cell transplant patients. Music therapy when used along with guided imagery helps to reduce the fatigue, cortisol hormone levels and mood disturbances.

Alzheimer’s dementia

Music therapy reduces agitated or aggressive behavior, improves mood and cooperation with regular tasks.


Patients with autism show a keen interest and responses to the music. This helps in improving the communication skills and setting up the normal development processes.


Music therapy increases the responsiveness towards antidepressant medications. Music therapy can show long-lasting effects on depressed adults. Depressed adult women when treated with music therapy can show reductions in respiratory rate, heart rate, depressed mood and blood pressure.

Premature infant development

Listening to music during the late pregnancy can make the children more prone to music after the birth. When premature infants are exposed to music, it increases the feeding rates, increases weight and tolerance of stimulation.


People with schizophrenia when exposed to music therapy can improve the interpersonal functioning. Also, it reduces the negative symptoms, social isolation and increases the interest towards external activities.