Faith Healing To Prevent The Illnesses By Means Of Prayer!

faith healingFaith healing is an attempt to use the spiritual or religious means like prayer for preventing the illnesses, cure your diseases or simply to improve your health.

Instead of using any medicines or the involvement of your physician or any other conventional medical care, you can attain health and wellness.

Often, these types of healing are referred to as miracles.

What happens during the session?

This is a creative form of magical healing that mainly involves a patient and the healer in which both of you believe in the healing power of spirits or any other mysterious healing mechanisms.

In the process, the healer consciously or unconsciously controls the patient and makes him/her to believe that the ailments have been cured with the help of prayer, hand movements or with any other unconventional ritual or product.

After this, the patient confirms the healing by making some signs that the healing has worked, like walking without any brace for few minutes, feeling relief from the pain, or breathing freely. Also, faith healing can occur either near the patient or at a distance from the patient.

If healing is done at a distance, this includes a single healer or group of healers praying for the patient. When it is done near the patient, the healer touches or keeps his/her hands on the patient while describing supreme mortal.

Most of the religious sects claim that faith healing can cure deafness, blindness, anemia, developmental disorders, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, cancer, corns, AIDS, defective speech, skin rashes, and also various other injuries.

But, there are not any scientific evidences that can support that faith healing can actually cure physical ailments. When you believe that a healer can cure your disease, a placebo effect can occur which makes you to feel better. The placebo effect is an enhancement, which occur due to the powerful belief in the treatment.

Problems associated with faith healing:

People who take the help of faith healing and didn’t get any cure from the disease can have increased feelings of failure, faithlessness, guilt, depression and worthlessness. Some may think that his/her faith was not strong enough.

The patient thinks that the healer or some other people are responsible for the failure of the healing. This can isolate and discourage the patient who is already sick.

Particularly relaying on faith healing and avoiding or delaying conventional medical treatments for diseases like cancer can cause serious health problems. Disability, death and various other unwanted outcomes can result when you choose faith healing as the only option instead of any other medical care for serious illnesses or injuries.

So, think twice when you are going to seek this type of treatment methods. Talk with your regular health care provider to know about the consequences of faith healing.