Get In Tune With Your Body

insomniaDo you listen to your body? Do you know that your body speaks? Get in tune with your body; listen to what it has to say to you. The body has the capacity to heal itself.

You have seen scars and small wounds heal by themselves. The body has far greater power to heal itself provided you listen to it and act on time.

The body gives signals when it is not well. Most people ignore it and see them only when they fall ill. This does not happen overnight.

The body keeps sending distress signals over long periods of time, if you react in time the body can heal itself before any damage is done. Distress signals like discomfort or sudden pain, insomnia and excessive anxiety are the one we commonly ignore.

Much damage is caused to the body due to the stress and strain of the modern life we live every day. Everybody is so busy that they don’t have the time to tune into their body.

People seem to ignore the signals the body keeps sending them. How many of us focus on the body’s call for food or water or even rest, especially when they are busy with their work?

Listening to the body is helping it heal itself. Starting with small things like satisfying hunger (with nutritious food), thirst (with water and juices), resting and stretching it even when seems there is no time for it helps us get connected with our interior life mechanism. Taking care of it will help us prevent the body from having reasons to sound distress signals.