How Important a Health Vitamin for Your Healthy Life?

What is the difficulty in taking health vitamin? Most of us are interested in taking high processed, homogenized, pasteurized, canned and prepackaged foods which are less in health vitamin content.

Health VitaminThe discovery of health vitamin took place around 1914 by some scientists and surgeons.

The word vitamin comes from the word vital as in vital energy for life.

Some of you pick your own fruit and grow your own vegetables, while some others choose to rely on packaged, store bought fruits and veggies. These are not as healthy as natural foods.

Once you pick the food items from the plants they begin to lose their nutritional value if you keep them for longer time.

For instance, apples and tomatoes after picking from the tree they begin to lose their nutritional value, losing health vitamins during processing and shipping.

Your body needs health vitamin to boost your immune system, ward off colds and other viruses, and even keep you tempered. If you have health vitamin deficiency then there is a less chance to clot the blood when you cut yourself.

Health vitamin plays a much greater part in balancing your health condition. The average diet does not include all the health vitamins that are necessary to keep the body in top shape.

The better choice is a multi health vitamin. The vitamin stores can not possibly sold the right amount of every kind of vitamin that you need into one pill a day, and most multi health vitamins sold in your local grocery store are cut with fillers and preservatives.

You need to buy some natural and all inclusive vitamin supplements. Eating a well balanced food and taking these health vitamin supplements with none of the fillers and preservatives can make you healthy.

Let us consider vitamin B. There are several different kinds of B vitamins alone. B6 and B12 are the most important health vitamins.

Vitamin B6 promotes the development of red blood cells and B12 helps promote energy and fights Alzheimer’s disease. You need these and other health vitamin to be in the purest form in order to be the most beneficial. [Know more about Vitamin B complex]

Vitamin C works within the body cells to make the precursor of collagen, a fiber in connective tissue giving strength to bones, fascia supporting the organs and tissues between cells, ligaments, teeth, tendons, and scurvy. [Importance of Vitamin C]

Vitamin E can be beneficial for Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, eye diseases, heart diseases, osteoarthritis, menopause, pancreatitis, photodermatitis, etc. It also improves anemia and reduces miscarriages, scarring, and negative effects of environmental pollutants.

Most of the health vitamin is now available in liquid form, for instance cold liver oil. Overdose of health vitamin can also cause problems. The water soluble vitamins such as B’s and C’s, if you take excessively they simply will go through your urine.

Some fat soluble vitamins such as D and E can accumulate and cause problems like diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and rash.

Before starting to take health vitamin it is better to test for vitamin deficiency. Knowing exactly what you need the most and in what daily dosage will save your money. It is better to purchase multi vitamin pill rather than separate pills.