How to Get Spice in Your Life? Alternative Lifestyle to Bring Body, Mind, and Soul Together

Are you passionate about anything? Do you ever think what brings your mind, body, and soul together? It can be a daily meditation, or prayer, a rigid system, or just a good book.

By combining these three aspects of yourself can bring a new alternative lifestyle which can bring about the balance that most of the people desire they had in their lives.

Alternative LifestyleThe things that move your soul can also cause you to feel the type of energy which can be described as passionate.

It doesn’t mean sexual passion, it only means spiritual passion. The best example of it is listening to southern Baptist gospel music.

Listening to this music can bring an alternative lifestyle and it can remind you that there is a much bigger world out than the daily happenings in your life.

Five tips to bring an alternative lifestyle:

  • Future goals are supposed to inspire passion. Are they worthy of your mind, body and spirit? Don’t tell the reason that they have to do with money, which is great. The process of attaining the goals should be cause for passion, since what makes the goal so much sweeter was the journey that went with achieving it. Inspiring with passion can create an alternative lifestyle.
  • One of the best alternative lifestyle to nurture your body, mind and spirit is memorizing your accomplishments. Remember how much good you do, and forget about every little mistake that you have done.
    1. The fastest alternative lifestyle to rout your soul is to constantly tell yourself that you turned up, that you are no good. Ultimately the soul and mind will believe you and your body will follow it by becoming sick.
  • Create a bundle of happiness. In meditation you will practice taking your mind to a safe and happy place that you either create or plan to go to someday. Whenever your mind is stressful and it exceeds its boundary then go to your safe place for a minute.
  • Another way for alternative lifestyle is looking forward for something and planning to get away. Most of you think that nothing will nurture the body, mind and soul except physically leaving and finding a new place to explore, even it is for the weekend.
    1. Plan a weekend trip and get away to a place to which your heart takes you. It is best if you go alone. This can be very relaxing and you do not have to worry about entertaining anyone else other than you.
  • Begin the habit of using affirmations. Get a stress reliever and practice it. Choose any three affirmations and everyday say them loudly in front of the mirror. This alternative lifestyle has been proven to work. If you tell yourself something about yourself many times, you will make it true.

For instance, three simple affirmations to get to start an alternative lifestyle include:

“I am always safe and secure.”

“The universe provides everything I need.”

“My income is ever increasing.”