How to Prevent Regular Anxiety from Becoming a Disorder?

Anxiety is surely one of the main health issues we are bound to face this century. Behind it hide a large number of physical or psychological causes but in most cases if treated anxiety episodes disappear. The sad fact is that recent studies showed that simple and random episodes of anxiety tend to evolve into a disorder if the matter is not properly addressed.

How to Prevent Regular Anxiety from Becoming a Disorder?

Regular episodes vs. disorder

It happens to everybody to freak out, feel cramps in the stomach or feel dizzy when they were nervous or concerned about regular stress creating events such as an exam, the wedding day or when expecting to get birth to a baby.

Symptoms like sweaty palms, trembling hands and knees or tears staring to fall suddenly are all part of regular anxiety manifestations.

The above being considered it is good to know that when the feeling of dread, fear, stress associated with tachycardia are turning into something that goes on over days without the person feeling them to be able to calm down, we are talking about anxiety disorder.

Use fight or flight response

In many occasions the people seeking  solutions regarding anxiety blamed the attacks on the amygdala, the gland responsible for creating the hormones behind what we call fear. When facing a stimulus, the hormones trigger in the frontal cortex the need to react so it is our body that translates the need for reaction into fear.  The scientists advise us to use the reaction in a more positive manner and focus the energy on analyzing the source of fear before giving into it.

What to do?

There is a large variety of methods which combined can help you prevent regular anxiety episodes from turning into anxiety disorder.

Deep breathing combined with gradual muscle tension and relaxation can help you calm down. Consider talking to somebody close when the crisis appears because a good chat and human interaction can help distract you from the source of your anxiety.

Make sure you have a healthy diet and avoid skipping breakfast because anxiety attacks tend to last longer on an empty stomach. Make sure you have enough sleep and also stay away from alcohol. Fatigue and drinking are both responsible for aggravating the condition.

Helping hand from nutrition

Drinking tea is known to help with anxiety especially if combined with honey.  Almonds combined with milk and ginger but also orange juice with ginger flavor have a relaxing effect and can be used to fight anxiety

You can always depend on the herbs to help you . Valerian, St. John’s wort and kava root are perfect for treating anxiety the natural way.