How To Select An Effective Alternative Doctor?

Alternative DoctorBefore going to take the treatment for your health condition, it is important for you to select an efficient alternative doctor.

It is an important decision that you make regarding your health.

When you are going to choose an alternative doctor, who practices complementary and alternative medicine discipline, that decision sometimes becomes complicated by the lack of licensing procedures and governing bodies.

Here is a check list that is adapted from a fact sheet developed by the national center for complementary and alternative medicine.

Generate a list of alternative doctors:

  • Ask your health care provider whether he has knowledge about the complementary and alternative medicine. If so ask him to suggest some of the alternative doctors.
  • If you belong to a support group, ask the members whom you trust for recommendations.
  • If you find any school that teaches alternative therapies then ask for a list of alternative doctors.
  • Check the telephone book or the list at your near by hospital.
  • Go and check with a near by hospital. Most of them have list of CAM practitioners.
  • Check with you state‚Äôs board or regulatory organization.

Narrow down your list by doing some search. Some of the questions you should ask are:

  • Where the CAM practitioners were trained?
  • What are their qualifications?
  • What type of licenses they have? Whether they have certifications or not?
  • What is the cost of consultation?
  • Whether the CAM practitioners belong to any professional organization or not?

Verify your health insurance to confirm whether the treatment will be covered or not:

  • Check any requirements needed for coverage.
  • Make sure that whether there is a need for referral from your primary provider or not.
  • Know about the coverage limits.


  • The most important contributor to your relationship with your alternative doctor is your trust on him. Never make a decision based on the research. Once you have narrowed your search for two or three possibilities make an appointment with each on the list and talk to them about your expectations.
  • Make a list of questions to ask with your alternative doctor about the kind of treatment he recommends. Know about his office policies, procedures, billing and treatment philosophy.

Be prepared to answer for the questions of CAM practitioners:

  • Encompass a list of everything you take, including prescription medications, vitamins, supplements, and everything that you take.
  • Prepare to explain about your medical history, including surgeries, injuries and major illnesses.

Evaluate below things after the visit with your alternative doctor:

  • Whether you feel comfortable with CAM practitioner or not?
  • Whether the practitioner is trustable or not?
  • Do you observe he is rushed or comfortable?
  • Did you satisfied for the answers of the questions that you ask?
  • Is he explained how conventional and alternative therapy can work together?
  • Is he efficient about your specific condition?
  • Do you find the recommended credentials and certificates with him?
  • Whether the treatment plan suggested is reasonable or not?

The above suggestions are recommended while choosing any health care provider whether he is alternative doctor or conventional practitioner. Do your work as efficient as possible and trust your intuition.