Integrating Color Therapy Into Everyday Life

color therapyColor therapy, the non invasive and holistic form of healing, can be used to great effect by itself or as a adjunct to traditional therapy and since it can be used by everyone regardless of age or illness, it is something that can be integrated into everyday life to give beneficial effects.

Color is all around us; everywhere in our lives, if we can optimally use colors in everyday life, we can all benefit from them. Rather than have a color therapy practitioner doing so, we can ourselves incorporate color therapy devices into our lives.

It is easy to surround oneself with colors that are soothing to one’s psyche and which can make a person feel soothed and calm.

Though there are general guidelines about what each color represents within the ambit of color therapy, there are likely to be individual aversions and atypical liking to certain colors which may be due to personal experiences would likely influence your choices. Wall colors, furnishings, can all be done in colors that soothe and calm.

Light Box or Lamps

A light box or a lamp is a device that can be used for color therapy. They are usually designed to bring light to a person in the most efficient and beneficial manner and research has shown that angled light that hits the back of the retina can be more beneficial.

These boxes or lamps may vary in their construction or the material used to make them and can vary in brightness or amount of light that they diffuse. They can be either for individual or group use and can be used accordingly. These light boxes or lamps deliver color therapy and for many the treatment time is about 20 minutes.

Color Light Filters

These color filters are meant to be used along with the light boxes or lamps and are in a range of colors including the colors of the rainbow and then some.


Bracelets made out of semi precious, colored stones can have a therapeutic effect by virtue of their color. A red jasper bracelet, or a blue turquoise bracelet, an amethyst, carnelian, citrine, jade or lapis lazuli bracelet can all be used to have this beneficial end.

Charts and posters can also explain the theory of chakras and how chakra colors affect the human body, so that you can more easily integrate color therapy into your daily life.