Inversion Therapy – An Effective Method To Soothe The Muscles And Ligaments

inversion therapyInversion therapy includes hanging upside down to promote gentle traction to your spine.

Usually, this therapy is used to treat back pain, but it can also show great benefits in reversing the negative effects of aging on your spine.

Inversion therapy reduces the compression of your vertebrae and discs thus allowing the ligaments and muscles that enclose the spine to calm down.

Typically, this therapy is performed on what is called as inversion table.

You need to lie on the table with your back in a relaxed and inverted position.

Lying on this position prevents some or all gravitational compression. This depends on how faraway you situate your body.

Various benefits of inversion therapy:

Inversion therapy is the quickest, safest, and the most effective method for increasing the space between your vertebrae.

Various studies on this therapy proved that inversion therapy in reality does raise the separation among the discs of your spine, which give great relief from back pain.

Not only inversion therapy gives relief from back pain, but it also provides benefits. They include:

  • This therapy helps to maintain your height. Inverting regularly will greatly help you to avoid the shrinkage.
  • Inversion greatly improves your circulation. Whenever you attain inverted position, your body can circulate the blood supported by gravity instead of having to work against it.
  • With inversion therapy, the gravity aids your lymphatic system clear more rapidly and also this eases the pains and aches of stiff muscles.
  • Inversion therapy relieves you from stress. The full body stretch makes you to feel more energized. The inversion table helps you to make the relaxation easier in order to attain the climbing in a gym or a yoga class.
  • Inversion therapy improves your sleep quality and you will sleep better than ever before.
  • This technique increases your mental alertness. Performing any upside down task improves the oxygen supply to your brain thus helping you to maintain mental sharpness.
  • Inversion increases your flexibility and also range of motion. Inversion keeps your joints healthy and supple. With this, you can easily stay as active as you were in your younger age.
  • This improves your posture. The stretch that appears with reverse pose and gravity helps you to sit, stand and move about with more ease and refinement.
  • Inversion realigns your spine after the workout. Aerobic activities and running unavoidably compresses your spine. Also, one-sided activities like tennis or golf pull your spine out of alignment. But, the inversion therapy makes these minor misalignments correct themselves naturally.

Safety about inversion therapy:

Inversion does not cause any significant risks. But, the biggest concern with this technique is, it increases the occurrence of stroke.

Some of you notice that your face gets red when inverted. But, actually speaking, this is a good thing. Reddening of the face indicates that the flow of blood to your skin, eyes, hair and brain has increased.

If you feel uncomfortable during inversion, then it is better to invert at a smaller angle or invert for a short time i.e. until your whole body gets adapted for inversion.

Before considering the inversion therapy, once consult your doctor if you have any conditions like high blood pressure, any eye conditions or heart disease [Maintaining healthy heart].