Is Colloidal Silver Safe?

colloidal silverHealing disorders with the use of metal components, as a substitute to classic drug use is becoming widespread, silver being amongst the most popular.

A wide selection of toiletry and health products are now available in health food stores and over the net, the main components of these products being colloidal silver, which are basically silver particles saturated in water.

These are taken in small doses at meal times and are supposed to be very good for our immune system, helping the body resist against numerous types of bacteria and viruses that cause infectious diseases, including flu and colds.

However, there are no confirmed results as to the efficacy of silver, and the Environmental Protection Agency and Occupational Safety and Health Administration claim that, if taken in large quantities it can be toxic and detrimental to our health.

There has been no serious research work to confirm that silver is really effective in fighting disease such as malaria, AIDS or cancer or even other ailments including athlete’s foot.

The fact that silver in general will destroy certain germs on contact certainly does not prove that it is effective against infections inside the body.

In fact experts claim that taken in large quantities silver can cause headaches, kidney damage, stomach problems and other side effects as well as ‘argyria’ where silver accumulates under the skin imparting a bluish tint when it reacts with the sunrays.

The intake of colloidal silver must be carefully controlled and this is not always easy with homemade preparations, where the dosage of silver cannot be quantified accurately.