New Software Offers Alternative For Insomniacs

internet therapyMany people who find themselves unable to sleep use the Internet to help pass the time.

According to a new study, they may be closer to a solution then they think as the study found after nine weeks of Internet therapy there were promising results for sleepless nights.

Of course, it is not simply browsing the Internet, but instead internet software designed for insomniacs that offer advice from the users’ sleep diaries. The software also helps teach patients better habits through interactive games, quizzes, and advice, such as avoiding day time naps.

For those who live in areas without sleep specialists, study co-author Frances Thorndike said the software is a low cost non-drug option to help with sleepless nights.

The software titled SHUTi for Sleep Healthy Using the Internet, is based on cognitive behavioral therapy which has been found to provide longer lasting solutions for insomniacs than medication and the side effects that often come along side it.

The study involved 45 adults who suffered from moderate insomnia out of which 22 who used SHUTi for treatment.  The group that accessed the SHUTi program showed constant long term relief from insomnia while the control group did not.