Ortho Bionomy To Get Relief From Acute And Chronic Pain

Ortho bionomy is a gentle, non-invasive and osteopathically [Osteopathic medicine] based form of body therapy, which is very effective in working with injuries, pain, chronic stress and also the problems associated with structural and postural imbalances.

In this therapy, the therapist makes use of gentle movements and positions of the body in order to facilitate the change of pain and stress patterns. A strong focus is placed on the comfort of the individual and no forceful manipulations are used.

Ortho bionomy therapists recommend certain exercises, which you can do at home in order to facilitate the neuromuscular re-education process.

This therapy is highly effective in alleviating both acute and chronic pain and also the patterns of stress by diminishing chronic muscle tensions, relaxing your joints, improving the circulation, increasing the flexibility and relaxing your entire body.

The originator of ortho bionomy found various non-forceful ways to work with the body by exaggerating its ideal postures and thereby allowing the body’s self-healing process to achieve more stability and alignment.

The word ortho bionomy comes from “ortho”, which means correct or straight; “bio” means life and “nomy” means law or study; in a nutshell, the word means “the correct application of the laws of life”.

The technique focuses on the skeleton as the basic structure on which our bodies work. When this structure works correctly, then your circulation works better, and you think and feel better.

Working of ortho bionomy:

The therapy stimulates your body’s self-balancing and self-correcting reflexes by way of proprioceptive reflexes situated in your muscles and joints.

Usually, the therapist makes use of the movements and mild compression in order to determine the positions of comfort which allow your body to alter pain and stress.

Ortho bionomy also employs the practice of homeopathy. With the use of light touch and gentle positioning, this therapy stimulates inner awareness in order to awaken within the individual a sense of natural balance and wellbeing, both emotionally and physically.

Self-healing only occurs when you remember your natural ability to move away from the pain and towards relief.

Benefits of ortho bionomy:

This gentle system of body work is effective in alleviating chronic and acute pain and also stress patterns by diminishing muscle tension, increasing flexibility, soothing the joints, enhancing relaxation of the body and improving the circulation.

The therapy improves problems related to structural and postural alignment. This therapy is safe for newborns, the elderly and those in post-operative conditions. Dancers and athletes can improve their performances with the therapy by increased balance and flexibility.