Ozone Therapy For Beneficial Effects On Every Part Of Your Body!

Ozone TherapyOzone therapy is the therapy which is used as one of the hottest new age healing systems.

If you use medical ozone therapy, you will receive all the positive effects and you will be satisfied by ozone therapy use.

Ozone gas is used in your body for cleaning large intestine, but you may be unable to retain the gas and release ozone gas after some time.

Then you can be able to retain the ozone gas by the treatment provided by ozone therapy.

You should absorb ozone gas into the blood stream, then transmit through the intestinal walls during rectal insufflations (gas blown into intestines through anus). Ozone gas is absorbed up to half liter of pure ozone for the desired cavity.

If large intestine is clean, then the ozone gas is carried through circulatory system. Then the blood is passed through blood stream from intestinal walls. This therapy has increased its importance because blood has been oxygenated and nourished.

The by product hydrogen peroxide is obtained during the ozone oxidizing process. Hydrogen peroxide therapy is also used as alternative for your health.

Ozone Therapy to prevent several medical conditions

The combination of oxygenation and oxidation is ozone therapy. Ozone therapy will provide intra-arterial for vascular disease and helps in enhancing circulation of blood.

Ozone therapy uses intramuscular to treat infections, allergies and cancer (autohemotherapy).

Autohemotherapy (ozonation of blood) will help in treating AIDS, arthritis, hepatitis, allergy and herpes.

If you are suffering from spinal injuries like low back pain and disc disorders, you can use injections of ozone gas, ozonucleolysis or ozone discectomy which will provide you better results than surgery.

Ozonucleolysis treatment is less painful and cost effective. Ozone discectomy is the injection of ozone and this is injected into affected intervertebral disc.

You can achieve following by ozone therapy with the help of ozonated water:

  • Ozone is also used as natural alternative for purifying water. If you drink the ozonated water, it will help you when you are suffering from allergies, carcinoma, cold sores, headaches, gastritis, gum disease, mouth ulcers and yeast infections.
  • Ozonated water also helps in increasing circulation.
  • It also helps in reducing infections after dental work.
  • Ozonated water helps when you are suffering from viral infections such as cold, flu and virus. It also helps in cleaning wounds and minor bruises.
  • Ozonated water helps in increasing oxygen level in your body and for accelerating the healing process.
  • You can use this therapy as external application (area is covered with tent and ozone is infused) for fungal infections, skin ulcers and burns.

Side effects caused by ozone therapy are as follows:

Autohemotherapy will cause the inflammation of vein, circulatory depression, chest pain, shortness of breath, fainting, cardiac arrhythmia and gas embolus (bubble in the blood will lodge and block the blood beyond the bubble).

As ozone therapy has side effects you have to take this treatment under perfect practitioner.