Precious Gems For Spiritual Healing

gemsToday many people turn to alternative medicine to heal their pressing ailments.

One alternative view is that precious gems are good for spiritual healing.

The Celtic, Egyptian, Indian and Chinese cultures all believed that gems had power over body and mind.

These ancient beliefs are now used in modern crystal therapy and have been seen to work wonders for the body. Precious gems are also used for psychological challenges to get good results.

The different gems carry different cures for the mind. For example, the lovely red rubies are believed to heal anxiety and fear, and green emeralds have been known to heal fatigue and revitalize a person’s energy.

While blue sapphires and white opals can heal insecurity, opals can also calm any nervousness and sapphire has been shown to cure insomnia.

There are a variety of gems and precious stones out there and they all have certain healing powers. Find which one can heal you best and see if different combinations work well with you and give the results that you are looking for.

Even though precious gems are great to look at, if you are using them for their healing and restorative powers, it is important that not only you would wear them, but they must make contact with your skin. It has been known that gems emit rays and these vibrations can affect a person.

Full contact with skin can cause greater healing strength and can be felt throughout the body. It is also thought that the higher quality stone, clarity and cut can count towards how powerful the healing is.

You should note that doing more research on the healing power of gems and semi-precious stones will show you that other stones have different effects on the mind.

Turquoise and amethyst, jade and quartz, and many more, all have different powers that heal the body and mind. They can also be used as protection from negative energies that are out there.

The curative powers can be seen as miraculous, however, many old cultures have known for a long time about their powers, so not only were they valued because of their beauty, but gems and semi-precious stones also contained the power to heal.

These mind healing treatments are seen in combination with color and crystal therapy. Be sure to find what different emissions different gems can give off and see how they can influence your own mind and body. The praises for gems have been sung for a long time and it is true. Gemstones can make you look great and feel great too.

The healing powers of gems have been known since ancient times and have finally found a rightful place in alternative medicine once again.