Probiotics – Do they Really Work?

Probiotics are the friendly bacteria; live micro organisms that help cure illnesses and maintain good health, particularly good digestive health. This premise has been questioned from time to time – whether probiotics really work.

probioticsA recent analytical study answers this question in the affirmative; that probiotics do indeed work ; particularly in the case of health problems such as diarrhea.

The diarrhea infection is a major killer, particularly in the developing world and chief form of treatment for this kind of problem is to prevent the person getting dehydrated by using hydration techniques. This treatment however does not get rid of the infection or shorten its duration.

Probiotics on the other hand are seen to shorten the duration of the infection and actually fight the infection. These friendly microorganisms fight with other infection causing ones and help to shorten the illness.

Many studies have been able to demonstrate this ability of probiotics to shorten the duration of an illness and actually fight infection.  When probiotics are administered along with fluids, they shorten the duration of the diarrhea proving that this is a helpful approach to use. Further they were shown to have no adverse or side effects either.