Top 5 Psychic Protection Exercises for Clear Vibration

Psychic protection is an empath, healer, and clairsentient, intuitive, medium you have beautiful spiritual gifts. It is another way to say that you feel safe and secure. Psychic protection also means that you don’t have the feeling of being “drained” when you are around others.

Being healthy and happy is very important in life. So let’s look into the methods which will help you to find peace and happiness.

Top 5 Psychic Protection Exercises for Clear Vibration

Psychic Protection Methods

  1. ORB of white light and love
  • Practice wearing the orb of light throughout your day and before you encounter darning people, situations or places.
  • The light will allow love and light through. While automatically repelling and releasing negativity or other dense energies into the light.
  • Simply visualize yourself surrounded in an orb of white light and love. This light serves to release all the negative energy within its field into the light.
  1. Purple pyramid of light
  • Imagine you are in a complete 3-dimensional pyramid and it also has a purple light at the peak which is just above your head, below that you are sitting in a very comfortable way and touching the earth.
  • The pyramid itself is also a powerful healing, and protective form.
  1. Mirrored ball
  • Imagine you are enclosed by a mirrored ball of light that naturally reflects any negativity away from you while allowing love and well-being to remain.
  • This is simply a mirrored ball method but this is a very simple method to see but this is very effective and most powerful way to get the positive effect. It will grab away all the multiple sources of the negative energy.
  1. Angles for protection
  • Angles are always ready and willing to assist you in releasing your past pain and protecting you from external negative influences.
  • Ask for help when you are in need, and be open to the angelic assistance available to you. When you ask your angles, guided, ascended masters and the divine will always come to your assistance in one way or another.
  1. Affirmation
  • Affirmation and prayers can help you to build a field of positive energy around you,
  • Affirmations like only love remain in my presence or I am surrounded by love and joy which keeps me safe. All these are powerful forms of psychic protection especially when you can say and feel and believe the truth behind these words.

Best way to get to a high vibration

  • Live from your heart and follow joy.
  • Leave the dishes in the sink tonight and play with your dog instead
  • Take time for yourself each day
  • Spread love
  • Remember that we’re all spiritual beings
  • Take that class you’ve been wanting to take
  • Follow your heart
  • Practice raising your vibration by meditating, listening to music, or going for walks in nature