Regression Therapy To Resolve Current Issues By Retrieving Past Memories

Regression therapy is also called past life therapy or past life regression therapy. This client-centered therapy focuses on finding the origins of your problems.

The process of regression therapy is based on the idea that everything you have ever experienced is recorded and retained in your mind. Your mind has multi-levels of consciousness divided into three main systems: the conscious, subconscious and super-consciousness.

1. Conscious mind is what you use to perform in your daily life;

2. Subconscious mind is the sum of your past experiences and thoughts, experienced below conscious level;

3. Super conscious mind is the soul, spirit or god element.

All these mind systems function independently of each other, and function best when acting and thinking together in a constructive manner.

Everything you feel holds a certain quantity of emotions, whether positive or negative. The more you feel emotions, the greater effect they have on your physical system.

Fear and love are two basic and essential emotions. Love affects your physical system in a positive way, while fear is the basis for negative emotions like guilt, anger, hate, resentment and other negative emotions that offend your physical system.

Benefits of regression therapy:

Regression therapy is particularly useful when detailed past memories cannot be accessed by the conscious mind in order to overcome from fears and phobias.

By accessing the root causes, regression therapy is valuable in helping to free you from old blockages and deal with irrational fears, relationship patterns and other health problems.

If you are facing problems with current issues which cannot be resolved and keep recurring, this therapy is great.

Past life regression provokes your subconscious mind to access memories from previous lifetimes that can provide you with insights about your current life situation. An extension of age regression, past life regression involves a therapist guiding you to retrieve and heal memories from past lifetimes which can help you deal with the challenges and issues of current life.

Past life regression gives you better control and an ability to answer difficult questions. Past life analysis gives you valuable insights into the patterns that have developed in your life. How you use this insight and apply the knowledge is up to you.