Shamanism For Communicating With Spiritual World!

ShamanismShamanism is concerned with communication with the spirit world by the range of traditional beliefs and practices.

Shamanism helps for the ability to diagnose and helps to cure human suffering.

Shamanism also has the ability to determine, which causes human suffering.

An ancient healing tradition and a way of life is Shamanism. The essential aspects of Shamanism are ceremony, sacred dance, vision quest and pilgrimages to place of powers in nature.

By these above mentioned essential aspects, the shamanic circle helps in unifying your lives with strength, healing and love. Shamanism covers an ability to travel to the axis mundi (it is the pathway between heaven and earth) for the purpose of spiritual contacts.

Shamans (people who perform shamanism) have the ability to control the weather, interpretation of dreams, divination, astral projection traveling to upper and lower worlds.

Shaman will treat you, when you are affected by any spirit. Then he determines which spirit had effected and removes this infectious spirit.

Shamanism is used to heal and enlighten using rhythm, music, mind altering drugs and mythic journeys into the subconscious.

It is also described as the use of archaic (ancient) techniques of ecstasy (is the withdrawal of soul your body). It has developed experimentally operable techniques for producing ecstasy.

Ecstasy and visionary are the characteristics of Shamanism. These states are naturally catalyzed by entheogenic plants and artificially induced by breathe control, fasting, meditation techniques, drumming and yoga practices.

Shemantic medicinal practices:

Shamanistic medicinal practices are the application of various ancient witchcraft techniques.

If you are treated with shamanistic approaches, then you are drawn into deeper, darker occult practices. Shamanism will open you into a spirit possession and other occult bandages.

These practices will make you feel intense pain and afflictions, temporary insanity (mental illness), emotional depression [Therapy for Depression] and powerful spiritual torment (distress).

Shamanism is a religion of itself, but it is not godly religion. In this world, you can observe two spiritual forces they are god and Satan. These two are forces which will fight between them with your soul.

So if you have belief in that sort of life then you will not inherit the kingdom of god. By following those practices you should not sacrifice your son or daughter, avoid practicing fortune telling (if any thing wrong in the future then you have to suffer from the feeling before happening).

So you have to be strong with the noble’s power. So, put on all god’s armor (protective covering), so that you can stand yourself against any tricks played by devil. You communicate with spiritual world using shamanism.