Tao – The Way Into Balance And Health

TaoThe beginner in the Taoist system takes the fist steps learning a series of exercises transforming the physical body in an efficient and healthy mechanism, released from the tensions and the stress of everyday life.

The target of this level is to study how to heal our mind, how to love our own way of existence, our perception over life, to learn the primal way into healing our bodies and the bodies of everyone related or connected with us.

This level of energy mastering can sometimes take around 12 months to be completely covered but in all this time we learn how to condense and preserve the vital force through a few major techniques: the inner smile, the six healing sounds, the microcosmical connection and several others.

As people grow old their vital force is getting weaker causing illness and suffering. Through Tao they can learn how to gather and refine the life force in a Qi sphere so it will stay with them forever and not lose strength or consistence.

The true Tao masters from China have over time retired in anonymity. Their place was taken to some extent by the Qi Gong masters who unfortunately have lost the secrets of the ancient practice that used to harvest the sexual energy and the inner body alchemy, but have transformed the spirit of Qi – the energy – into a science.

The energy techniques that are part of the inner Tao alchemy recognizing Qi Gong as one branch are able to get extraordinary results in balancing the nervous system, the circulation, the breathing, the gland activity, the immunity, the digestion and aid the development and health of the muscle and bone mass. The practice can help restore balance in the body temperature and in the nervous system.

These practices help us remove or transform the fatigue and stress, increase the work capacity and keep the composure and calm through inner balance before the unexpected events occurring during life.

The very foundation of the Tao practice relies on transforming and preserving the physical energy inside the body so it won’t be wasted or weakened as a consequence of the interactions with the exterior world.

The complete spiritual independence resides in avoiding the energy to be wasted through the interaction with the world but to keep it and treasure it to be used at the exact time when the body needs it. And this is the essence of the Tao way.