The 11 Powerful Chakras of the Body used for Pranic Healing

The word Chakra has been derived from the Sanskrit word chakra, which means wheel. These are the whirling centres of energy and are part of the subtle body and not the physical body. They can be compared to the major and minor organs. Just as the physical body has minor and vital organs, the subtle or the energy body has the minor, major and the mini chakras. The major chakras are like the power stations that energize and infuse life energy or prana to the vital organs. With the malfunctioning of the chakras, the corresponding vital organs deteriorate. There are a total of 11 major chakras and several minor and mini chakras pranic healing works with.


The Functions Of The Various Chakras:

1.Basic Chakra: This is situated at the base of the spine and it affects the entire physical body including the muscles, bones, blood and reproductive organs.

Functions: Affects body heat, general vitality, growth rate of children and is the centre of self-survival.

Malfunction:  The improper functioning of this chakra results in cancer, arthritis reproductive ailments, growth problems etc.

2.Sex Chakra: This is located in the pubic area of the body and it affects the entire reproductive organs, legs and bladder.

Functions: It affects the physical or the lower creative centre.

Malfunction:  Improper functioning of the sex chakra causes bladder related or reproductive problems.

3.Navel Chakra: This is located in the navel and it affects the small intestine, appendix and the large intestine.

Functions: This chakra helps in the general vitality of the body.

Malfunction: The faulty functioning of this chakra leads to difficulty in giving birth, constipation, appendicitis, and the other intestinal diseases

4.Meng Mein Chakra: This is located at the back of the naval and it affects the adrenal glands and the kidneys.

Functions: It helps in the upward flow of and blood pressure and the subtle pranic energies.

Malfunction:  The defective functioning of this chakra causes kidney problems, high blood pressure, and back problems.

5.Spleen Chakras: The front and the back spleen chakras are located in the abdomen and opposite the front spleen chakra respectively and it affects the spleen.

Functions:  These are the major entry points for energy.

Malfunction:  The faulty function leads to weak body, and autoimmune disorders.

6.Solar Plexus Chakras: The front and the back solar plexus chakras are located beneath the sternum and on the spine and opposite the first solar plexus chakra respectively and affects the liver, small intestine, pancreas, large intestine, appendix , diaphragm and stomach.

Functions: It controls the cooling and the heating of the body and is the centre of emotions.

Malfunction:  Improper functioning causes diabetes, hepatitis, and heart ailments.

7.Heart Chakras: The front heart and the back heart chakras are located at the centre of the chest at the sternum and on the spine opposite the front heart chakra and it affect the thymus gland, heart, circulatory system and the  lungs .

Functions: It is centre of the higher emotions.

Malfunction: Improper functioning of this chakra causes circulatory ailments and lung problems like asthma.

8.Throat Chakras: Located in the centre of the throat and affects the thyroid gland, throat, lymphatic system and circulatory system

Functions: It is centre for creativity.

Malfunction: Faulty functioning causes goitre, asthma and sore throat.

9.Ajna Chakra: Located between the brows throat and affects the pituitary and endocrine glands.

Functions: It is centre of intellect.

Malfunction: Improper functioning cause allergies, asthma, and cancer.

10.Forehead Chakra: Located at the centre of the forehead and affects the nervous system and the pineal glands.

Functions: It is responsible for intuition.

Malfunction: Improper function causes paralysis, memory loss and epilepsy.

11.Crown Chakra: Located at the crown of the head and affects the pineal gland and brain.

Functions: It helps to achieve the feeling of divineness.

Malfunction: Defective function causes diseases of the pineal gland and brain.

Thus, chakras are the energy centres of the body and are responsible for the proper functioning of the physical body and its various organs. There are 11 major chakras of the body through which an accomplished healer works to cure several ailments of the body.