The Bach Emotional Eating Kit Could Help You Stop Bingeing

Bach Flower Remedies are specific dilutions of flowers that can help with a range of emotional problems.

While many deem Bach Flower Remedies to be important only to an extent as their placebo effect goes arguing that clinical trials have not been able to demonstrate any other use, many users report to finding very real benefit from them.

Bach Flower RemediesMany people who find that they have trouble controlling their diet, and that they give into to food cravings and impulses to binge.

They can get a lot of help from Bach Flower Remedies because they are able to address the emotional problems that underlie the binging or the unhealthy relationship with food.

The Bach Flower Essences Emotional Eating Support Kit helps in getting to the emotional root of overeating and bingeing and equally well for eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. The kit is a trio of flower remedies that helps a person embrace a more balanced diet.

  • Cherry Plum Flower Essence helps one stay calm and collected and more centered. If you find yourself reaching for an unhealthy snack, a few drops of this concoction will help to avert the craving.
  • The second constituent of the emotional eating support kit consists of crab apple flower essence that helps enhance self respect and self esteem, negating feelings of inadequacy and worthlessness. Over time, this formulation can help one develop a better sense of self.
  • The third element of the emotional eating support kit is the chestnut bud flower essence which helps one become more mindful and self aware.

This element of the kit helps you break bad habits that have crept into your diet; or what therapists term Pattern-interrupt. Whatever food choice you have to make, will be made in a more conscious and mindful manner with the help of this remedy.