The Benefits Of Using Su Jok Therapy

Su Jok TherapySu Jok Therapy is considered to be advancement in the therapy world of acupuncture. This South Korean therapy involves acupressure as well.

Su Jok Therapy is so effective that most often the use of needles isn’t required in order to bring the relief from pain.

The health problem is taken care of, by just simply applying pressure to corresponding points on the hands and feet.

The object of Su Jok Therapy is to balance the imbalanced energy in the body, the tissue, the cells and the organs.

This therapy was developed by a South Korean professor named Park Jae Woo. He is a scientist and philosopher in Korea and graduated in 1968 from Seoul National University.

Besides Su Jok Therapy, Park Jae Woo also is the originator of Twist Therapy and Smile Meditation. His ideas have been obtained by a very long period of clinical practice and his scientific knowledge. He has developed a variety of different systems of treatments that have been accepted all over the world.

Su Jok Therapy is a relatively easy method to learn how to do to yourself. You do not need to learn where each pressure point is located, once you learn the corresponding basic points on your body.

This is a highly and preventive method of healing to use. It also does not have any side effects. Su Jok Therapy can also be used on both a physical and emotional level.

The corresponding nerve points and the actual infected or injured area should match up every time you use this method. After you practice, your fingers will automatically move to the point of injury, and you can immediately start to apply pressure.

Su Jok Therapy is able to give you instant relief. If you are trying to heal a spinal cord injury or other chronic problem, and this therapy is done on a regular basis, you will definitely feel the relief.

Su Jok Therapy can be an important method to use in regards to heal disorders, nervous system and psychological disorders, as well as cardio vascular diseases and lung problems. It can also be very useful in managing cancer and other malignant illnesses.

This procedure is great because it is so available. Once you have learned it, it stays with you, allowing you to get amazing results.

You won’t have to spend additional money, or to buy expensive remedies. It is like following a chart drawn on your body to a perfect state of mind and a valuable state of health.

A few easy steps could have you on your way to being pain free.