The Black Tea Protects The Ovaries

Black TeaTea, an aromatic healthy drink which is considered to be one of the most popular beverages consumed all over the world, basically prepared from the leaves of a shrub named Camellia sinensis.

Tea contains flavonoids, minerals and trace elements that are very essential in promoting overall wellness to human body.

There are four major types of teas offering hundred benefits to all different races all over the world namely oolong, green, black and white tea.All of which can be made from the same bushes yet undergo different processes.

People can gain a lot of health benefits from drinking tea, which have been tested and proven for thousands of years.

Tea serves as an immune system booster, facilitates in antioxidative activities and functions as protective agents of the body against a variety of cancers including lung, prostate and breast cancers as well as helping to reduce high blood cholesterol levels.

Among the four categories of tea, the black tea is far eminent for its stronger flavour, enriched with more caffeine as it is more oxidized compared to its other counterparts. Black tea retains its flavour for several years making it suitable for trade and long shipments.

A recent investigation on the effects of black tea consumption on ovarian cancer risk showed a very remarkable result among patients.

A case-control study which included 414 women with primary epithelial ovarian cancer and 868 women with non-neoplastic conditions revealed that those women with a usual consumption of at least two cups a day experienced a 30% decline in ovarian cancer risk.

Black tea may help prevent stomach, prostate, and breast cancer. The chemical compound called TF-2 found in black tea may slow down cancer growth as it causes cancer cells to “commit suicide” while normal cells remain unaffected.

When normal cells were exposed to the TF-2 compound, there was no reaction noted but when cancer cells were exposed, a sudden process called “apoptosis programmed cell death” took place where these cancer cells were immediately destroyed. The antioxidant compound TF-2 can also help prevent and treat inflammation as well.

Black tea can also help prevent heart attack and stroke by saving arteries. In addition to that, black tea helps prevent tooth decay for the fluorine it contains, acts as a very effective arthritis soother, and may help burn excessive fat in the body.

It is truly great that in regular drinking of tea, one can find great healing and miracle poured into little tea cups.