Top 3 Tips For Improving Running Endurance

Running is like a religion and runners always seek to be better than what they were before. Growth and gains is the altar they pray to and sometimes you hit an impasse. But with these three tips we’re excited to help you reach your full potential and push your body to peak, heavenly form.

Interval Training

Interval training is the most popular way athletes and fitness-minded people train their bodies to better endure harsher workouts and is the best way to increase visible muscle growth. In running, this kind of interval training consists of alternating between high and low-intensity running at a steady, consistent level. For example, for starters who want to increase their endurance after your warm up walk/jog for five minutes and then break into a full sprint for two minutes alternating between the two for no less than five sets. Continue this for several weeks so your body becomes accustomed to this output and then increase the intensity by slowly lowering your rest/low-intensity period while steadily increasing the time spent doing the high intensity period.

running training

Incorporate Hills and Changing Terrain on Runs

Running at an incline, through different terrains, helps to create leg strength and improve form by having the body accommodate to changing topography, which requires the relaxation of certain muscles and reliance on others. This helps runners seeking to improve their stamina and endurance mitigate potential injuries and utilize different muscles resulting in greater strength acquisition. Its important to change these inclines slowly instead of diving into a steep incline or harsh terrain. Being a little too eager may result in strained muscles, which has the total opposite effect for runners attempting to up their game.


Manageable Goal

Might seem like a cliché, but it’s true: goals must be doable. When they’re not, motivation suffers. If you’re averaging four minutes of high intensity sprinting its unreasonable to expect to shoot up to 10 minutes within the next month. That’s an increase of 150 percent. It takes weeks to formulate a habit, especially when it comes to the body, and marginal increases in time will help boost endurance in the long run compared to quickly outpacing yourself and spraining your muscles in the process. Keep your goal at the top of your mind, but also be realistic. Instead of expecting to increase endurance by 150 percent within a few weeks, make that one of your long-term goals. A more doable goal would be to increase your time by no more than 10 percent per week. Slow and steady, truly, wins the race.

These tips are only a portion of what you can do to increase your endurance and beat your own personal record. From switching up your diet to utilizing supplements like CBD, the body’s internal stasis is important as well. More protein heavy diets combined with low dosage CBD strains can cause an alertness combined and pain relief that allows for fitness heads to test their limits more efficiently and reach their goals. Heed this advice, and you’ll reap the benefits sooner than later.