Tips To Integrate Chromotherapy Into Everyday Life

Simply put, Color Therapy (Chromotherapy or Cromatherapy as it is also known), is the proper way of using color to balance energy, and to redress any physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental aspect of life that is not in balance.

Though the scientific basis for the claims made by color therapists have been challenged from time to time, specific problems such as Seasonal Affective Disorder and other conditions have been seen to improve with color therapy.

chromotherapyEven if one is skeptical of using color as therapy, there is an undeniable visual pleasure that some colors are able to evoke more effectively than others, and it makes sense to incorporate the principles of color therapy in daily life in the following ways:

Incorporate color therapy in home décor

To create certain mood cadences in your home, a proper choice of colors should be made. Pinks, oranges and soft reds impart feelings of warmth, intimacy and romance and will help you find these in your life as well.

If it is stress that you want to reduce from your life, green will help you distress. Cool neutral walls, with green upholstered furniture, or drapes etc can create an oasis of visual peace for the stressed individual.

Wear color creatively

There are colors that will inspire and motivate you to be creative – magenta, violet and gold are able to do this. However it may not be practical to decorate your walls in these vibrant colors and it is also impossible to keep changing your home décor according to your creative requirements.

So then you can wear these colors. Wearing vibrant colored clothes can have a positive impact not only on your mood but your creativity as well.

Sleep better with color

Calming colors such as aqua, sage green, and blue can be used for bed linen and also when choosing night wear. This can help induce feelings of relaxation and calm, helping one sleep better and allay insomnia.

The last thing you seen before you close your eyes; particularly the color of that object could well make the difference between a good night’s sleep and a fair night’s sleep.

Enjoy the outdoors

The natural green of trees, grass, herbs and shrubs can have a calming effect and also be good for physical health – green in soothing for the eyes for instance.

So make sure you incorporate some color therapy into your everyday life by communing with nature on a daily basis. The outdoors means physical activity so that is another way in which you can benefit from the outdoors.