Unbelievable Health Benefits When Using Heliotherapy

HeliotherapyHeliotherapy is a method that uses the sun’s ultraviolet waves to enhance the production of vitamins and nutrients in our skin and body in a process we really need.

With the increased production of vitamin D, the results are an elevated rate of metabolism that will further assist our body in increasing its reaction rate of creating multiple enzymes used for the restoration of our tissues.

This process allows our cells to rejuvenate working together which allows an increasing in the pace rhythm of our blood flow, and an improving of the oxygen supply process.

The consistent use of Heliotherapy can drastically reduce the chances of osteoporosis, prostate, breast cancer, psoriasis, and many other skin diseases.

The recommended dose of sunlight should not allow the risk of sunburns. Practicing this method in small doses is recommended.

Heliotherapy can be used as a natural antibiotic, as stress reliever or as a way to enhance your immune system. If Heliotherapy is practiced early in the morning, more specifically before 9:00 am, for at least 20 minutes, it can assist in wound healing as well as the elimination of microbes from the skin.

Heliotherapy has also been shown to reduce the pain that occurs with neuralgia and arthritis.

If Heliotherapy is used as a stress reliever, the ultra violet rays of sun help relax tense muscles, and promote mood stability.

Heliotherapy is recommended for people who have symptoms of hypertension or stress. Practicing this method mid-day should be avoided in order to prevent excessive skin tanning.

The practice of Heliotherapy can stimulate the production of metabolizing enzymes in our liver. This will strengthen our internal defense system which will protect us from various toxins, bacteria and viral infections. This method also increases the pace of detoxification by stimulating our sweat glands.

Heliotherapy has also been known to prevent the deficiency of gamma globulin in our body. Gamma globulin boosts our immune system and can provide the antibodies that are needed to fight severe infections like Hepatitis C and Measles.

All we need is fifteen minutes a day of natural sunlight to drastically boost the Vitamin D we need in our body. We need Vitamin D because it absorbs the calcium in foods we eat. This is necessary to promote bone strength.

Heliotherapy also helps to elevate the content of oxygen in our blood which leads to the strengthening of muscles.

As long as you are safe, and allow for the recommended amount of sunlight, you can begin to improve your health in a very relaxing and stress free way.