What Is A Bio Disc And What Can It Do?

Decried by skeptics as myth and superstition, and hailed by others as a provider of natural energy, a taste enhancer and an instrument of wellness, the Bio Disc has had mixed reviews. The Bio Disc is a natural mineral compacted glass disc that is created using high heat fusion methods.

The premise upon which the Bio-disc works is that of being able to transfer what is known as Nano Energizing Frequency to liquids and thereby causing them to behave or taste different.

bio discIn theory this can cause liquids to boil more quickly, appear lighter, and be able to refract more light.

Bio discs are supposed to be able to ‘treat’ water in a way that will make the water ‘stress free’ and cause the drinker to feel greater vitality. A portable, circular object, it requires no power supply and can be carried anywhere.

It is supposed to produce Scalar Energy frequencies that are free of any side effects. This is also supposed to be able to make refrigerated foods and liquids taste better by enhancing the taste of food and beverages.

It can also:

  • Help to improve sleep patterns and make one sleep more soundly.
  • It may help not only to reduce insomnia but also stress and fatigue to enhance energy and charge up a person.
  • Since it calms the mind, it can help in improving cognitive abilities.
  • It increases the amount of oxygen in the water that you drink by changing the molecular structure is one claim. So it follows that this implement also increases the oxygenation of blood.
  • It helps to make certain changes in foods that help the body ingest and absorb the nutrients contained therein.
  • It is also supposed to create balance within the body and its life force of Chi.
  • It can help in pain relief and in enhancing the immune system of the body.
  • It can help to clear up skin problems, if placed under the pillow at night, according to some claims.
  • Relieving cramps, and chronic back pain are some of the other ailments that may be helped by using a bio disc.

The ‘energy’ from the biodisc spins into the liquid clockwise and when the liquid is poured over the bio disc it picks up resonance which is the sort that is found in the soil near natural spas and minerals springs of the world.