What Is Lemonade Cleanse Diet?

In the days prior to those when people tried just about every fad diet to achieve weight loss by hook or by crook the lemonade cleanse diet was formulated by Stanley Burroughs for very different reasons. This was a method developed to cleanse the body and flush it of toxins.

The lemonade diet precludes toxins in the form of solids from entering the body for a period of 10 days. Natural liquid food and saline water is taken to clear the digestive tract and the kidneys and rid them of impurities and to dissolve stones and other toxins.

lemonade dietThis is also thought to purify the cells, muscles and glands, as well as the blood vessels of the body by eliminating toxins through bowel movements.

This is the diet that is much like the sort of penance diets practiced in many areas of Asia.

Whereas people may perform these penance diets as a religious offering for the Gods, yet others do it as an exercise of self control and a method of mastering the self.

And now western civilizations are realizing more and more, the health benefits of such detox diets. While they are misused to an extent by people seeking a quick fix weight loss scheme, others do realize the healthful implications of detoxifying the body.