Why The Veganism Of Bill Clinton Is So Important?

It wasn’t just to lose weight and get into shape for the wedding of his daughter Chelsea that former US president Bill Clinton decided to publicly go Vegan. It was a decision based also on his desire to be alive to meet his grandchildren.

It was decision based not on vanity but on necessity – undergoing a quadruple bypass in 2004, the former president still needed two stents last year, due to further clogging.

veganismAccording to this article, Bill Clinton’s affirmation of healthy living and veganism sends the right message to people.

The writer speaks about how this can draw attention of people to facts such as these – by eliminating meat, dairy products, preservatives and sugar from the diet, people have been able to reverse, high cholesterol, diabetes, and many other kinds of diseases.

Macrobiotic diets have been responsible for curing cancer. The important thing here is to delink healthy eating from deprivation. There is the sense that the sugary, fatty, unhealthy foods around us are somehow ‘treats’ and that the healthier stuff is a matter of unbearable privation.

Holistic living is about enjoyment and it is this message that needs to be sent across firmly to people. Perhaps Bill Clinton can help?