Earthworms To Treat Cancer?

Although many of us would be skeptical if not downright revolted at the idea of earthworms curing any of our ailments, the fact is that earthworms have been closely associated with medicine for a while now.

In certain parts of eastern Asia, earthworms are eaten with bread to help get rid of stones in the bladder. Earthworms are also used to relieve rheumatism pain by Nanticoke Indians of Delaware.

earthwormAnd now there is promising new research that shows earthworms can be a possible alternative cure for cancer.

The reason that earthworms in particular could hold a key to cancer cure is because of their unique ability to remain immune to malignant disease. Many other invertebrates are also immune in the same way.

The immune system of earthworms is actually seen to kill cancer cells. The current challenge that scientists face is to be able to identify the molecules in the cells of the earthworms that can fight cancer cells and currently research is on using rodent, canine and human in vivo systems.

It would be interesting to see when it may become possible to harness this power of earthworms to fight cancer.