Everything you Need to Know About Mud Therapy

Mud therapy is a kind of therapy which makes use of mud to eradicate illnesses and diseases from the Human body. Mud is an essential and very important element of the nature and contains many crucial minerals which have a wonderful effect on our health. Not only is mud useful in absorbing the toxins from the body but also helps to prevent number of diseases.  Mud is known for its healing properties and this is why mud therapy is considered highly advantageous and is recommended by many health practitioners and naturopaths.

mud therapy

Benefits of Mud Therapy

  • Mud helps to relieve the stiffness in the joints when applied and massaged properly.
  • Mud therapy acts as an amazing relaxant for the muscles and also helps in improving blood circulation. It improves the metabolism and also has a positive effect on our digestion.
  • Another benefit which mud therapy provides is that it acts as a great hair conditioner and makes hair look healthier and shinier.
  • Mud therapy also proves useful for the skin since mud contains minerals which can provide a natural glow to the skin.
  • If someone is suffering from inflammation of the joints or any other part or is experiencing swelling, then mud therapy can prove to be very useful. It not only reduces inflammation but also pain.
  • Mud has a thereupatic effect on our body due to its dark color. The dark color of mud helps t absorb all different colors and conveys them to our body which in turn has a positive effect on us.
  • A mud pack used in mud therapy acts as a cold compress and can be used as a cost effective pain reliever.

Mud Therapy Types

Mud therapy is used mainly in two different forms and the details are given as follows:

Mud Packs

Regular application of packs made of mud are an important part of mud therapy.  Mud packs are used for local application and can help to improve skin complexion. A mud pack is easy to make and can be adjusted in its consistency by adding in water. To make a mud pack, you will first need to soak mud in water for about 30 minutes and then apply it evenly on a thin wet muslin cloth to form a thin uniform layer. Fold all the sides of the cloth to make a compact pack. One can make mud packs for eyes, head, face, abdomen, eyes and other body parts.

Mud Baths

A mud bath is another form of mud therapy. A mud bath is made by soaking mud in water. The mud is then applied to the entire body either in a sitting down or lying down position.  This is then kept for about 45 minutes to 60 minutes.  A mud bath helps in cleansing and cleaning the body and improving the overall skin condition.  Regular mud baths can be considered as a natural beauty treatment and helps to improve skin complexion.