Gardening – How Can It Be Of Benefit For Health And Wellness?

Have you noticed how nice you feel after you’ve had a nice, long walk in the great outdoors? Or that keen gardeners seem to be really nice people? Well it may not all be a coincidence; that the outdoors and physical and mental wellbeing seem to go together.

The theories as to the reasons why the outdoors and gardening are good for you are several:

Garden Bacteria

health benefits of gardeningIn the garden one is exposed to harmful as well as beneficial bacteria and both can help. Exposure to harmful bacteria can sometimes help in building the body’s defenses to infection.

Some experts have shown that certain beneficial kind of bacteria actually works to reduce anxiety and improve problem solving abilities.

Gardens are beneficial for children as well: their immunity is helped to be built up as they mess about in the dirt, and the physical activity helps boost health and wellbeing. They also turn out to be better learners when they spend more time out of doors.

From Gardening comes Happiness

Surrounded by natural growing things is soothing for the eyes and very relaxing for the soul. Also being a gardener can be very rewarding thing because of the satisfaction that one can get from growing things.

Planning a garden is a project that requires planning, preparation and effort; to say nothing of a good amount of physical activity.

This means that there is always something to plan and look forward to, and the rewards are there in every successfully grown flower, fruit or vegetable! Many people find that it is the physical activity and the actual working with one’s hands that is relaxing and rewarding.

Others find great satisfaction in growing their garden and seeing in bear fruit; both literally and figuratively. Not only does this aid relaxation, it also helps reduce stress and helps increase well being.

Bounty from the kitchen garden

Keen gardeners who like to grow their own herbs, vegetables and even perhaps fruit, have the benefit of ultra fresh, home grown produce that you can choose to make organic if you so wish!

The fact that you are eating healthy, home grown, organic produce, is a wonderful thing in itself – the fact that its free is just an added benefit. If yours is a flower garden then fresh flowers are another thing you will enjoy; the fragrance and beauty of fresh flowers can be matchless.

So if you’re wondering about a new hobby or activity, gardening could be your best bet – for the sake of your health as well!