Look Younger With Alternative Anti Aging Remedies!

rhodiola roseaHair becoming thinner and grayer, wrinkling on your skin, diminishing elasticity of your skin, etc. are all the natural process of aging.

As you age, there is also a possibility for arthritis, bone loss, loss of memory and weakening of your body immune system.

Do you have any of the symptoms mentioned above? If yes, then below are some tips to slow down the aging process:

Natural supplements:

Adding supplements to your diet gives you multiple benefits. The main reason aging occurs is because of free radicals and they can not be avoided in your daily life, but adding the nutritional compounds to your diet can absorb these free radicals.

Generally these compounds are known as antioxidants. You will find them in green leafy vegetables like spinach.


This is the current range of alternative medicine and it rejuvenates the aging skin.

In this method, wide variety of needle techniques are performed at the strategic locations on your face and body in order to stimulate the circulation of Qi or body’s energy force to your face and neck.

Herbal supplements:

Add herbal supplements to your diet to slow down the aging process.

Gingko biloba: This herb enhances mental functioning as you age and also improves the flow of blood in your body and make your skin appear to be fresh and youthful.

Evening primrose oil: This oil reduces the pains and aches associated with aging problems.

Rhodiola rosea: Also known as golden root or arctic root is an adaptogenic herb. This herb reduces myocardial catecholamine, stress-induced cardiac damage, and cyclic adenosine monophosphate (CAMP) levels.

It can reduce the production of adrenal catecholamine and avoids heart arrhythmia as well.