Poultice To Help Relieve Your Pain

poulticeYou may be tired of taking those over the counter, or physician prescribed pain relievers.

Some of these can be addicting, and have harmful side effects, if used too much.

Over the counter medications for pain will hurt your stomach and liver, after taking them for a long period.

You already have enough problems, being in pain so much, and you do not want any more health problems to occur. Maybe you should look for a natural alternative medicine.

Most natural alternatives have little or no side effects, and are healthier for your body. One such remedy is a poultice.

Heat Poultice

One poultice that is very helpful in pain management is the heat poultice. A heat poultice developed into a paste, made from natural therapeutic products, will help to relieve your pain.

You will need to use natural products that will produce a poultice, which will give off heat.

The poultice paste, that is placed into a muslin or linen gauze, is then applied to the affected area of your body that is causing you pain. This heat poultice will relax your tight muscles. It will also help the blood flow in your body.

In addition, if you have a sore or boil it can draw the harmful toxins out of them, for you. These heat poultices, often used for inflammation that can cause pain, are able to stay on your skin for up to five hours.

Cold Poultice

Use old cold tea bags to make a wonderful cold poultice to relieve pain from sunburn. Crushed dandelion, made into a poultice, is good to relieve the sting of bees, wasps and other stinging insects.

You can use any non-toxic herb mixed with a little vinegar for a great cold poultice also.

Different Types of Poultices

  1. To make a heat poultice made with cornmeal, you need to put five tablespoonfuls of cornmeal and one tablespoon of rye flour into one half cup of boiling water. Once you have stirred this into the hot water, mix the cornmeal and rye flour with a little bit of oil.
  2. Put half a cup of hops into boiling water, strain off the juice from the hops. Combine the juice from the hops and a small amount of cornmeal into a pan on the stove, and thicken. Take from heat when thickened, and add a teaspoon of oil to the mixture, so that it will be more pliable.
  3. Reduce shaved carrots to a mush in a saucepan on your stove and apply to sores that are painful to you. This will take the inflammation out for you.
  4. You can make a dried herb poultice by grinding herbs into a powder and adding distilled hot water to it. Store this poultice in a glass jar or container.

Poultices are a great way to avoid using toxic substances on, and inside, your body. With a little research, you will be able to have your own medicinal list of poultices that will work for your everyday use.