Raw Food and Ayurvedic Approach for Fighting Liver Cancer

Ayurvedic medicine is known for its holistic approach towards preventing a large number of diseases, but recently it seems to offer a natural way of treatment for liver cancer patients.

If conventional oncology treats cancer with radiotherapy and chemotherapy , ayurvedic medicine brings forth complex nutrition elements and specific yoga positions which are proved to work against liver cancer. The new organic-raw trend in the modern nutrition does the same thing, so combining the two you will have a more natural and why not more effective tool for fighting this disease.

Raw Food for Liver Cancer

Explaining the “Raw” concept

Raw foods have recently been touted as the perfect choice for a healthy lifestyle. Introducing raw foods in your diet will help you stop the intake of a large number of toxins your liver will have to process. Raw food is also known as “live food” and using it is part of the new nutrition wave that supports the complete elimination of processed nutritional items from the diet of the liver cancer patient.

Ayurvedic spice

Ayurveda uses turmeric powder to treat liver cancer. The spice acts as an anti-inflammatory and curcuma ( the active ingredient from turmeric powder) suppresses the blood flow to the cancer cells. The spice is known to protect the healthy liver from toxic compounds and by decreasing the histamine levels and increasing the natural cortisol inside the human body, it is able to fight liver cancer too.

The benefits of garlic

One of the most common spice in the western and eastern kitchens is also an important element in preventing and treating liver cancer. The garlic is a known antioxidant able to reduce the inflammations of the sick liver cells. The consumption of raw garlic is part of the “live food” strategy to fight cancer and drinking garlic tea also helps.

A diet rich in healthy carbs

A sick liver induces an overall state of fatigue and the body needs energy to heal. Ayurveda strategy for treating liver cancer encourages the patients to have a diet filled with healthy carbs like peas, lentils and related legumes but also seeds. These provide the body with the necessary amount of energy to support the healing process.


Yogamundras, pranayama and naukasan are known yoga techniques Ayurveda recommends for liver cancer.

Yogamundras involve stretching within the level of comfort to improve breathing techniques and posture while pranayama assists in body healing by improving the blood flow through a state of mental peace and correct breathing.

Naukasan focuses on legs and arms stretching and improves the overall health of liver cancer patients.