Regular And Alternative Medicine Need To Be More Integrated

alternative medicine1In the last ten years alternative treatments have become more universally accepted as an important part of the world of medicine.

More people are becoming open minded to these complementary therapies.

Based at the University of Colorado Hospital, Dr. Lisa Corbin is the head of Integrative Medicine. She believes that there is a place for the blending of all available medicine to provide people with the best possible care available.

With a more positive attitude towards less conventional options like acupuncture, there will be a higher level of awareness by the general public.

Corbin has evidence to prove what she is saying, patients that have benefited from a combination of both mainstream and more alternative medicine.

Michelle Smith has been battling breast cancer for over five years, she is one of many now having acupuncture sessions as part of her chemotherapy course. It is the only solution to nausea besides taking yet another drug.

Smith states that without these various other treatments, she would not have been able to tolerate her long course of chemotherapy. Obviously the effect of any treatment including traditional ones is different for everyone.

However, at least therapy like massage and herbal remedies can be tried without the possibility of harmful side effects. Michelle Smith swears by her integrated treatment for her cancer and recommends that others try it for themselves.

Dr Corbin suggests that individuals should talk to their own doctor about the different treatments available to them. Once deemed too experimental or voodoo like, medicines of a more unusual nature are increasingly shown to be an essential part of today’s more evolved approach to health.