Ten Percent Of Americans Try Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine1Every year over ten percent of all Americans look to alternative Medicine to ease pain and find cures.

A research team from Harvard discovered that people are prepared to use more of their hard earned cash on chiropractors or naturopaths than ordinary healthcare.

In recent years, consumer demand for the various alternatives to the mainstream health care system has grown steadily.

Dr Carl Hammerschlag believes that this is because these, often ancient, treatments offer people hope and he strongly believes that a totally integrated system is what should be offered to the whole population.

Hammerschlag and many others are convinced that most patients would prefer to know every available alternative when being diagnosed and discussing their options.

A massive eighty three percent of individuals that used natural medicine were being prescribed traditional medicine at the same time, although more than seventy percent kept that knowledge to themselves.

The Office of Alternative Medicine was set up well over a decade ago, specifically to look at all the different alternative therapies. The latter covers many areas from nutrition to massage and brings together traditional methods from around the globe.

Increasing doctors are appreciating the benefit of alternative methods to their patients, some even going as far as taking basic courses to learn techniques, in most cases it is good for their business.

Professionals who have been practicing skills like meditation for many years can’t help but be dumfounded by the about turn in opinion.

Suddenly everyone is jumping on the bandwagon and you cannot blame these experienced practitioners for mulling over the irony.