The Importance Of Iodine

In the field of nutrition, the importance of iodine for the proper functioning of the human body is well known.

Due to the many problems that iodine deficiency may cause, it is added to common salt in a number of countries of the world where iodine deficiency is common. According to different studies, a diet lacking in iodine could be the cause of several problems:

  • Deficiency in iodine has been known to lead to breast atypia and is also seen to increase malignancy. Dysplasia is also seen to be cured with iodine treatment. There are those that believe that iodine therapy could therefore help in breast cancer treatment.
  • There is also seen to be a link between deficiency of iodine and iodine deficient goiter and gastric cancer. Iodine-prophylaxis treatment was seen to reduce death rates resulting from stomach cancer.
  • Iodine is very important for proper functioning of the thyroid gland.
  • It is very important for proper immunity of the body.
  • Oral and salivary gland disease can also be prevented by proper iodine balance in the body.

You can have enough iodine in your diet by eating iodized salt or eating vegetables and fruit that grows in iodine rich soil. Kelp and certain sea foods are also rich in iodine.