The Military Tries Alternative Remedies for Pain

Being in the military and particularly being in war like zones and on deployment can place undue stress and burden on a soldier’s musculoskeletal system resulting in chronic aches and pains that can be difficult to live with.

alternative remediesAlso the fact that those in uniform are somehow expected to be tougher than most and the fact that they routinely have to carry heavy gear can sometimes exacerbate the problem.

For the most part, it is pain medication and physical therapy that is used to alleviate pain. Now however the military has come around to using alternative therapies for pain management and to try and prevent pain by using different preventive remedies rather than treat it after it has set in.

One of the methods in which pain management is done is, Acupuncture. Not only can this help in pain management, it can also help prevent prescription drug dependence and abuse which is a rising problem among the troops.

Pain is not just physical, but a complex subject involving the state of mind and possible consequences such as PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and to address this, it is important for military personnel to receive instructions in other techniques aimed at relaxation as well, such as yoga and meditation. This can help relieve stress and in turn help with pain management.